I remember when I was this young. Playing with my toys and my two month trip to India with my family were the highlights of being three! Life was simple, almost a breeze, but at the time we all thought life was sometimes too stressful, tough, and unfair. 

It’s that time when your parents tell you to stop playing so you can eat dinner or get ready for bed that you demand to know why your life is so unjust! How could anyone possibly have a rougher life than me?!? I would wince in my bed and imagine how distraught my parents will become once they realize what they’re doing to me is torture! Surely no kid goes through this torment. Surely the world does not struggle like I do.
Over the years, I’ve come to realize that life is filled with stress and no stress. And, really, the choice is yours. All of our lives are a chaotic mess of ups and downs meant to test our emotional well-being. A test where we choose the outcome. Either we fail or we succeed.

Don’t sweat the small things in life. Remember, our only requirements are oxygen, food, water, clothing, and shelter. The rest is luxury! Don’t worry about doing bad in school because we’ve all done that. Don’t worry about being fired from your job because it’s happened to us. Don’t worry about messing up in life. Trust me: we’ve all done that. 

Cherish those mistakes that you make and learn from them. Wear them as a badge of honor. Set your mind to becoming worry free and realize that things will be fine as long as you continue to work on your problems.

Today, I learned a lot by watching my son, Reza. He found a way to stretch out under his blanket to enjoy a nap despite being grumpy with a cold. Life is filled with stress and discomfort, our choice is whether we let them get in the way of our happiness.


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