5 Foods Everyone Should Avoid

It’s funny to me how many people want to lose weight and think working out is the only solution. Studies have shown that our weight is affected primarily by diet and less by exercise. But don’t follow the next fad diet or some weight loss program that lasts a few weeks or months, because you’ll just end up where you started (or even worse) when you go back to your old ways.

I always suggest life changes to people I meet. I’m 38 years old now and, like everyone else, I’m seeing my metabolism slow down tremendously. My body just refuses to process foods like when I was younger.

Here are my 5 foods to avoid to help keep your waistline trim:


Every sandwich and burger in the world seems to come with fries. A medium serving (117g) of fries at a fast food restaurant adds an extra 365 calories to your meal. If you eat burgers twice a month (I eat them much more than this), you’d save 8,760 calories per year if you avoid eating fries. Plus, by just eating the burger and skipping the fries, you tend not to overeat and help your waistline even further.

A good replacement: Carrots or Celery.

2.> MAYO

Did you know that one tablespoon of mayonnaise is roughly 94 calories?!?! Now, I know we all love mayo, but is it seriously worth all the extra calories? Calculate how much mayo you use on your sandwiches, burgers, or dips and you’ll see how quickly this silent waistline killer adds up the calories to your meal. Skip the mayo and your heart and stomach will thank you in the end!

A good replacement: Mustard.


A little cream cheese on a bagel is one thing, but did you know that you can find cream cheese in carrot cake, mac n’ cheese, and a whole bunch of other delightful food that is sinfully delicious?!? At 49 calories for every tablespoon, it’s easy to see how the pounds add up when you’re eating cream cheese. Indulging every so often is one thing, but try and avoid regular use of this tasty treat!

A good replacement: Organic, All-Natural Fruit Jam or Avocado/Yogurt mixed.


We LOVE chips. BBQ, Salt & Vinegar, Sour Cream N Onion… You name it and we’ll eat it when it comes to chips. And, if you’re like us, we eat chips by the bag. Which comes to a whopping 1,217 extra calories per bag!! Because of this, we try our best to avoid the chip aisle when grocery shopping and limit ourselves to getting a bag of chips every other month. In the end, our chips are fully finished minutes after we get back from the grocery store.   🙂

A good replacement: Carrots, Cucumber or Celery.

5.> SODA

Aside from tasting great, soda really doesn’t provide any nutrients or benefits. It dehydrates the body, contains a lot of sugar and salt, and is bad for dental hygiene. Out of all the 5 items we’ve listed today, we think this is the easiest to avoid. Don’t buy it, don’t use it, and avoid at all costs. You can easily rack up the weight at 138 calories per 12 oz can. The plus side is that the “addiction” many soda drinkers experience subsides within a week or two of stopping. So cut out the soda and watch your waistline drop!

A good replacement: Tea, All-Natural Juice, Water.


** All calorie information obtained via USDA.


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